Healing guidance
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Present in all the sacred texts on all the continents, the word "guidance" has practically disappeared from our vocabulary. Yet it is essential to self-realization and the accomplishment of our mission. Guidance is the light that our guides give us on our life path. A guidance session therefore consists of reconnecting with SELF (who you really are), with your inner guide, with your own compass. It allows you to create a vacuum to leave room for answers concerning the choices you must make, the decisions, the directions to take. I offer to accompany you or guide you for this reconnection treatment.

By connecting with your true, inner self ,with your higher self, with your guides, I give you the guidance, the assistance, and the advice you need to make informed choices in accordance with who you really are. Whatever you are questioning (daily life, love, moving, travel, work, etc …), guidance provides light, gives you direction and sometimes even an action plan to carry out your mission. It is a time for sharing life experiences, and taking concrete actions to achieve your goal. Over several sessions, the guidance becomes a real accompaniment to the necessary changes that will allow you to BE fully in the joy and happiness that comes with this delicious feeling of being in your right place.


We all know that our mother earth, GAIA, has a magnetic field. What we may not know is that every object, every living being (plant, animal, human), also has its own magnetic or energetic field. The magnetizer uses a set of processes (passes, magnetic breath, laying on of hands, etc…) using the magnetic / energetic / etheric fluid, for the purposes of relief and healing of ailments and diseases. The magnetizer has innate capacities to convey energy, to manipulate it and to transmit it. He/she has the ability to sense and release the emotions and pains of those around him. As our body has organs, the chakras are the energetic “organs” of the body.

The treatments I practice, consist of capturing, concentrating and channeling the energy around me, to redirect it to one or more chakras in imbalance, or to areas of the body showing a dysfunction, thus releasing blockages for better energy circulation in the body. A session re-harmonizes the body. Magnetism can thus be effective on a multitude of issues: lack of energy (burnout, depression, fatigue …), hormonal problems, skin problems (acne, psoriasis, eczema, shingles, warts, burns, herpes, yeast infections, allergies …), stomach aches, respiratory problems (asthma, allergies, etc.), throat problems (vocal cords, thyroid …), emotional issues ... Today in France, and for much longer in many other countries, some hospitals, and in particular oncology departments, use magnetisers to reduce the side effects of treatment and help recovery.

Trance healing

Trance healing + photo « Trance » Trance healing involves the transferring of healing energy to the subject from spirit. The difference between other healing modalities and trance healing is the state of consciousness of the trance healer. Often the trance healer will enter into a deep delta brainwave state, which is a very deep trance state. This form of healing has become more popular due because of the work of John of God, a trance healer from Brazil. Oprah has done several shows about John of God, and he has assisted many people through his trance healing work.

Trance Healing is taught at Arthur Findley College in England. Bill Thomson, at Arthur Findley College in England, teaches trance healing there. Mr Thomson is working Medium and Spiritual Teacher for several decades, demonstrating and teaching mediumship, spiritual healing, and trance in many countries throughout the world. I have completed a traineeship and online training with Mr. Thomson and continue my education in trance healing.


Mediating communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings.

All the technics I use can be done in my office in Angers, France or remotely via Skype, Facetime, ZOOM or by phone in English.

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